I asked my dad about one memory he has of Vitasoy from almost 40 years ago, and this was his sharing. - In Chinese Cantonese. English: When my dad was in school, at the sound of the bell, some people would run and buy a hot Vitasoy of Malt flavour. At the time, not everyone could afford these drinks. While all others would purchase and drink their own, often leaving a tiny bit leftover in the bottle and walk way. The temperature in Hong Kong was cold, and my dad distinctly remembers how one friend in particular shared with him a Malt flavoured drink. Vitasoy definitely has been a household brand name well known among especially Chinese families. Leave a comment or like if you can relate! :)
My childhood memories were full of fantasy. I wished for a friend with super powers who always stood by me, a car that could transport me to school everyday within a second, Xiao Lu Bao that could protect the earth and an airplane that can fly me anywhere in the world! Of course, doing all this with Vitasoy by my side!
Pass the Flame